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Fitness Log 001 – No Excuses!

Happy April!
New Month, NEW ME right?!
Hope you all are healthy and well during this corona virus pandemic! Stay home! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Please be cautious if not for yourself, then for other people!

I worked out a total of 3 times in March. That’s a bit sad…So to take advantage of this. quarantine and work from home time, and a long time of being a couch potato, I’m once again determined to attempt to work on my health again. Especially since I am getting even way less movement than I normally do with this work from home situation and I am TOTALLY NOT doing a social distance with my fridge and pantry! (Who else is constantly looking in the fridge or pantry for something to eat out of boredom?! I know I’m not alone!)
Also, since time is no longer wasted commuting, I have more time to spend wisely and NO EXCUSES!

My current plan is

  • to work out 5 days a week (mon-fri) with the weekends as rest days. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are for cardio (jump ropes using crossropes and their app).
  • Tuesday is for upper body (and abs) strength training.
  • Thursday is for lower body (and abs) strength training.
  • For strength training days, I will use Blogilates PIIT28 videos (I planned for PIIT28 but I may also throw in fitnessblender if I get bored of PIIT28.).
  • I will only utilize body weight, which I think will be enough for me at the moment. (I’m weak as hell in terms of upper body strength)
  • For now, I am aiming to only do 30 minutes of workout each day because I know I get bored easily.
  • I also still really want to do the front-back splits, so I am working on my flexibility for that!
  • I am also trying to drink 2 liters of water a day, as well as do Blogilates Sleek Arms challenge (done daily) since it seems simple enough and doesn’t require a whole lot of extra effort. Yay to a little more upper body strength training for my weak ass self!

I started on March 30th technically, but I am making April 1st be my Official Start Date for simplicity sake.

I am telling myself “No Excuses!” to help encourage me mentally to work out. It is extremely hard to fight my lazy self, especially on days when I REALLY do not feel motivated (like today, first official day).  Including the March days, I got three days in a row so far so yay me!

From previous experiences, the beginning is always the most motivated and easiest for me. I believe that I will try my very best not fall off the wagon and will stick with it for this month! I am moving after this month ends, so let’s see how that will affect the fitness routine.

How do you stay motivated on your laziest days?!

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!
❤ SaltyReader


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